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This  is the Neopets page!!

Neopets is a cool website where people go to raise neopets and earn neopoints to live the good life. This game is like a mmog (massively-multiplayer online game).

Here are some hints for neopets whenever you are looking for "cheats" or "hints". Do not associate with any hackers because your account will be frozen. If you go to a hint website and see something called neopoints generator do not fall for it. It is a scam that alot of people do. They might say that this has happened to them before but it really does'nt. I got scammed once and had to start over. So please dont fall for the scams. If you are kind enough to help me out by going to If you feel that this is a scam feel free to email me at regarding any questions.

Please help out me and my Neopets (Glorfnarg and Knoxville251) live a happy life. Thanks for your cooperation.

Have fun and enjoy my website. If you would like to create a website of your own go to